Kurzeme Demo Centre, created by the establishment Ventspils High Technology Park, from 2014 can officially be proud of their science and technology museum status. Currently the expositions of Kurzeme Demo Centre are located in Ventspils High Technology Park 1 and are open for public visitation Existing exposition is supplemented with new items - welcoming robot Robis, dancing beaver of Rīga or augmented reality, upside down goggles and interactive projection wall.

In 2009 United Nations (UN) announced International Year of Astronomy, SIA StarSpace in cooperation with Latvian Astronomical Society (LAB) organised the first meeting of sky watchers or StarParty. In the first event, there was a gathering of telescope and other optical device owners and interested people, and mutual watching of sky objects.

At the end of last year, training courses "Become an entrepreneur in 5 days", which took place in Ventspils University College, were successfully concluded. Around 30 participants took place in the contest, and at the end the bravest had the chance to present their business idea to a jury and receive a special promotional prize. According to the jury the best business idea, to offer Latvian made electronics and robotics teaching platform sets, came from three 3rd year students of Ventspils University College IT faculty Electronics programme.


Development of ICT Sector Set as a Priority of Ventspils City

At the end of 2014 Ventspils City Council accepted the Ventspils information and communication technology (ICT) sector development strategy and action plan for 2014 – 2020. Various ICT sector stakeholders –Latvian higher education institutions, municipal and ICT support organisations of Ventspils, as well as more than twenty local and international ICT companies, incl. TestDevLab, DPA, Microsoft, IBM and others were involved in the Strategy development.