Today, on July 27, the new low-energy building of the Museum of Science and Technology Kurzeme Demo Centre was opened at the Ventspils High Technology Park (VHTP). Along with the building, within the project Green Mission: Climate, the new museum exposition and technical workshops on climate change were also opened. For the residents and guests of Ventspils city the museum will be officially opened on 1 August.

The foundation Ventspils High Technology Park has found a solution on how to acquaint visitors with the Science and Technology Museum Kurzeme Demo Centre low-energy building that has been recently put into operation in an interesting and attractive way. In parallel with the construction of the new building, an interactive bicycle-stand Journey in the world of energy efficiency was created that provides the museum visitors with the opportunity to go on a virtual and educational cycling trip.

From July 6, two days long meeting took place in Ventspils between the representatives of foundation Ventspils High Technology Park, SIA Aspired and non-profit organization IDN (Norway). Experts discussed the project Green mission: climate, its results and progress of the project.

Topical Kurzeme Demo Centre in passive building

The construction of the Science and Technology Museum "Kurzeme Demo Centre" energy efficient building is nearing its completion. Already in May, new and spacious facilities will wait for visitors, so together they could immerse themselves in the wonderful world of high technology.