According to the order of Ventspils City Council of 30th of September, 2014 No.1806 and Order number 1965 of October 22nd, 2 new buildings in the area of Ventspils High Technology Park following addresses are given

Finally an agreement has been made with the Bremen City University of Applied Sciences on launch of Latvian nanosatellite Venta-1 into the orbit.

Deployment of satellite Venta-1 into orbit is planned in the second quarter of 2016, with the Indian launcher PSLV. Precise date of the launch is not yet confirmed, because it depends on the readiness of the main cargo of the launcher.

On November 17, largest tour of technically creative workshops in Latvian schools has begun. Within the tour, which will last until next spring, technically creative workshops will take place in 70 schools in all five Latvian regions. The topic of the Latvian tour is climate change, about which, with the help of practical work and playing games, more than 4000 high school students will learn more.