Ventspils Electronics Centre in now open

On Wednesday, June 17, 2015, the new Ventspils Electronics Centre facility was opened, were, initially, four electronics companies will be working. Ventspils elektronikas fabrika of HansaMatrix group will operate in the biggest part of Electronics Centre.

Construction of Kurzeme Demo Centre low energy cost building will begin in June

Foundation Ventspils High Technology Park (VHTP) informs that construction of Science and Technology Museum's Kurzeme Demo Centre low energy cost building will successfully start its construction in June.

Latvian youth will be encouraged to think green

On May 14, 2015, the foundation Ventspils High Technology Park (VHTP), in cooperation with SIA Aspired, will organise a press conference in Ventspils, which will mark the official opening of the project of a national level - Green mission: climate. From a green meadow to high technology

Ventspils High Technology Park, with cooperation of Ventspils Freeport Authority, was established 10 years ago. In February of this year, it is celebrating its 10 year anniversary, and when looking back one can see, that a long road has been travelled - starting from a green meadow in Pārventa, with a couple of reservoirs to be demolished, to manufacturing of internet routers in the electronics factory, programming of the mobile applications, and opening the first Northern Europe Software Quality Competence Centre.

February declared month of VHTP's 10 year anniversary

Establishment Ventspils High Technology Park on February 9, this year will celebrate its 10 year anniversary, which makes one to think about the things already accomplished as well as work yet to be done. In this short time period a lot has been accomplished, starting from the green meadow in Pārventam with a couple of reservoirs to be pulled down, to internet router manufacturing in electronics factory, cell phone application programming as well as opening of the first Northern Europe Software Quality Competence Centre.

Kurzeme TV story about VHTP and ICT field in Ventspils

Within the cycle of broadcasts - "Stories of Latvia-Personalities" on January 31st, the viewers had the chance to go on a virtual field trip with the chairman of the board of Ventspils High Technology Park (VHTP) Ivars Eglājs, and to visit information and communication technology companies in Ventspils.

In the broadcast, created by Kurzeme TV, companies such as Ventspils Elektronikas Fabrika, EUROLCDS, Aspired, TestDevLab etc. are included.

Tender announced for the construction of the Science and Technology Museum "Kurzeme Demo Centre" building (updated with the results)

According to the regulations of the June 4, 2013, No. 299 of Cabinet of Ministers, "Rules for tender process and the order of its application to the projects financed by the client", a tender is announced for the construction of the Science and Technology Museum "Kurzeme Demo Centre" building.


Demonstration of electromobiles in Ventspils

Green Technology Cluster in cooperation with VHTP Business Incubator this Thursday, on February 27, in Ventspils will present electric transport and its use opportunities. Within the event, every interested person will have a chance to find out practical issues about electromobiles and infrastructure needed thereof, as well as about the available state funding for purchase of electromobiles and publicly available charging stations. After the seminar there will be a demonstration test drives of electromobiles. Below you can find a program of the event:

The first brave ideas have been submitted

Autumn brings not only the crops and yield for farmers, but also the first ideas for Brave Idea Support Programme. 

 The submitted ideas come from all Kurzeme, nevertheless the most active authors are form Kuldīga, by submitting the greatest number of business ideas.


Foundation "Ventspils High Technology Park" (VHTP) has become one of the cluster’s promoters in Latvia, thus offering opportunity for entrepreneurs to participate in regional and international supply markets more easily. 

Unified ICT Network for Innovation (ICT DCNet)

The aim of the project is to connect the information and communication technology (ICT) demonstration centres of Tartu, Rīga and Venspils in a network, thus providing wider access to different information and communication technologies and solutions, as well as to synchronize the study program module “Artificial intelligence” in the Riga Technical University and University of Tartu.

BalticSupply – Interregional SME Supply Clusters along the Northeast Corridor

The aim of the project is to provide support of participation in regional and international supply markets more efficiently, and it is aimed at companies operating in the region of the Baltic Sea and Northern Sea. The supported fields are maritime industries, energy and public infrastructure, food and health etc.

Utilizing the existing and emerging satellite technology potential in the region of Nordic and Baltic States

The main aim of the NBS project is to create the necessary conditions for utilizing the existing and emerging potential of the consortium partners in Nordic-Baltic region (specifically in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland) for continuous and sustainable contribution in major on-going and planned European space programmes. NBS has mission-oriented approach to build a bridge for successful integration into space industry in Europe.

Small Innovative Business Promotion Network (SIB Net)

The aim of the project is to offer support for new innovative high growth firms e.g. “gazelles”, and to provide the necessary competence and support for prospective entrepreneurs, which is essential in overcoming the early stage of the initial idea and its implementation. The project will also encourage the collaboration between the academic sector and regional business incubators.   

Development projects

VHTP Technology Park is encouraging businesses, education, research and learning centres to develop their operation in Technology Park by using the opportunities provided by the development projects as well as by suggesting their own initiatives, ideas and new projects.

Technology Park

Technology Park is a structural unit of VHTP that offers territory, premises and support services for high technology companies, and for educational and scientific organizations that are willing to expand or start their activity in Ventspils.

Ventas Balss: Work on creating new demonstration centre

Specialists from Ventspils High Technology Park work on creating interactive and popular scientific demonstration centre.

Unique partnership of European Supply Chain regions inaugurated

27 Partners institutions from 15 European regions met in Brussels to strengthen their collaboration of regional economies.