Rent of premises

The activity of Foundation "Ventspils High Technology Park"(VHTP) is based on designing and constructing production and office buildings, as well as engineering communications and roads. Providing public and communication services is an integral part of Technology Park’s activity.

VHTP offers rent premises in two locations:  

Technology Centre

Pieejamas ražošanas telpas Tehnoloģiju Centrā

Year when building was put into operation: 2015

Centre for Electronics


Year when building was put into operation: 2015.

The production building of the Centre for Electronics will be suitable for producing electronics, electrical engineering, IT and other high technology products.

Total area of the production building is 4100 m2.

Construction of the Technology Centre continues

The construction of the Technology Centre building on the territory of the Ventspils High Technology Park continues. At this time, the external engineering systems and power transformer have been completed, as well as the paving construction in the parking territory. The construction of metal structures is completed, as well as the construction of the roof bearing profile of the largest part of the building. Currently wall sandwich panels are being mounted and the roof insulation and waterproofing are being completed.

Entrepreneurs in Talsi and Ventspils receive support from Business Incubator

Already in March, when the Business Incubator resumed its programme, 7 companies from Ventspils and Talsi had already applied, and received confirmed support for activities like prototype development, marketing and accounting services, and certification. Total funding available from the business incubator is 313,223.14 EUR, so we invite other new entrepreneurs to actively use this support tool as well.

Funding to support entrepreneurs is now available

Starting on March 2015 funding from Business Incubator for entrepreneurs in Ventspils and Talsi is available, in total of 313.223.14 EUR. We invite the future entrepreneurs, which want to start a business or develop an existing business, to apply for funds. Manufacturing industry is successfully developing in Ventspils

Output of manufacturing industry production in Ventspils for 2014, was 149.3 million Euro, which comparing to 2013, has grown by 15% or 19.1 million Euros, according to Central Statistics Bureau (CSB).

Growth of 11.3 million Euros is mainly related to production increase of metal and machinery companies. Hanzas elektronika develops medical and military electronics manufacturing

High and intellectual technology manufacturer - SIA Hanzas elektronika, is trying to diversify not only its clients but also its fields of manufacturing to avoid collapse of a certain field. Currently, the company is developing two new fields - military and medical electronics, it was revealed by Ilmārs Osmanis, board member of Hanzas elektronika, in an interview with agency LETA.

Talsi Business Incubator has found a new home

For VHTP Business Incubator Talsi branch, fall has come with changes - in the future, the Business Incubator will be located in centre of Talsi, Lielā iela 1. In the new facilities enterprises of the Business Incubator as well as other entrepreneurs for whom it is important to be in a modern and dynamic environment can be found, . The doors of Talsi Business Incubator are open to every company and author who's goal is to realise his or hers business idea.

Conference hall

The foundation “Ventspils High Technology Park” (VHTP) offers an opportunity to rent a conference hall for various events. The conference hall is a suitable place to organise scientific and interactive events. We offer the rent of the conference hall for formal, thematic, and other kind of events.

Conference hall of VHTP Technology Park

Development projects

VHTP Technology Park is encouraging businesses, education, research and learning centres to develop their operation in Technology Park by using the opportunities provided by the development projects as well as by suggesting their own initiatives, ideas and new projects.

Technology Park

Technology Park is a structural unit of VHTP that offers territory, premises and support services for high technology companies, and for educational and scientific organizations that are willing to expand or start their activity in Ventspils.

Business support services


Companies that constantly develop production technologies, thus creating new products and services, need appropriate specialists and access to the research and testing infrastructure.

Infrastructure and rent of premises

The activity of Technology Park is based on designing and constructing production and office buildings, as well as engineering communications and roads. Providing public and communication services is an integral part of Technology Park’s activity.

Technology Park for companies and educational research organizations offers following collaboration models: