Ventspils University College

Ventspils University College was founded in 1997 and is considered to be one of the keystones to create qualified human resources in Ventspils. The institution provides qualitative higher education in such fields as business management with specialization in accountancy, finances, logistics and marketing, as well as in information technology, electronics, and translation.

The activity of Ventspils University College is financially supported by the Ventspils City Council, larger companies and the state of Latvia. The number of students in the University College is approximately 900, three quarters of which are not the natives of Ventspils. 

The homepage of Ventspils University College:

Study programmes of Ventspils University College

Faculty of Information Technology:

  • Bachelor’s study programme “Computer sciences”
  • Bachelor’s study programme “Electronics”
  • Master of Natural Sciences in Computer Science (The mathematical principles in Computer Science and data processing systems of satellite information)
  • Professional master study programme "Electronic Engineering"

 Faculty of Economics and Business Management

  • Professional Bachelor’s programme “Bachelor of Social Sciences in Management Science”
  • Academic bachelor study programme "Business Administration"
  • Professional Master’s programme “Business management”
  • Interuniversity Doctoral programme "Business management”

 Faculty of Translation Studies

  • Professional Bachelor’s programme “Translation in English – Latvian – Russian or German”
  • Professional Bachelor’s programme “Translation in German – Latvian – Russian or English”
  • Academic bachelor study programme "Languages and Intercultural Communication"
  • Professional Master’s programme "Translation of legal texts"
  • Doctoral programme "Linguistics"

Continuing education

Ventspils University College devotes particular attention to continuing education, thus it has created Lifelong Education Department. In this department you can acquire knowledge in natural sciences, social sciences and humanities, and the lectures are read by the field’s specialists. Anyone, who is interested, can attend courses in foreign language (English, German, Spanish, French, Norwegian, Japanese, etc.), Latvian language, computer sciences, as well as interest-related courses. 


Contact information of Ventspils University College:

Inženieru Street 101a, LV-3601, Ventspils, Latvia
Phone number: +371 63629657
Fax: +371 63629660
E-mail: venta [at] venta [dot] lv