Accenture, Latvian branch

„Accenture Latvia” is a daughter company of the international consultations, technology services and outsourcing services Accenture. Accenture is working with such clients as Nokia, BMW, Nokia Siemens Networks and Vodafone. The company employs SAP (ABAP), Oracle (Siebel), Java, Scala, .net, front-end, Backend (PHP), Ruby, CM, infrastructure, Digital (C/C++, iOS, Android), testing and other specialists.

Amaranti Ltd.

The company provides bookkeeping, auditing and revision services, as well as offers consultations in tax related questions.

Aspired Ltd.

Ltd. Aspired is a company which develops interactive exhibits for science centres, museums, expo halls, ad agencies, and various other companies and organisations. The company also offers a special demo stand, which reflects and shows the essence and development of a certain product or products.


The BALTIC & SCAN-TECH offers a wide range of engineering services within fields of telecom/ datakom and IT. Among these services IT consulting, network&data transmission solutions, trading with optical networking solutions for transport of data, voice and video traffic, technical support, project management, training and consultancy services.


The company works in various fields:

  • Wholesale distribution of metals and metallic ores;
  • Wholesale intermediary actions of wide range of products;
  • Wholesale distribution of textile products;
  • Unspecialised wholesale distribution.


The company works with construction of metal tanks, reservoirs, containers, metal constructions and their components, as well as research and experimental development in science and engineering.

DPA Ltd.

The aim of the enterprise’s activity is to provide services of IT solutions and software testing, at the same time focusing on provision of research testing services and development and use of new testing methods.

EuroLCDs Ltd.

The enterprise has been established with an aim to create a factory of LCD products (welding masks, 3D glasses, road sign modules, 3D display modules, etc.). The products will be manufactured based of a licensing agreement or manufacturing agreement.

HansaMatrix Ventspils Ltd.

Company’s basic production is custom-made electronic systems

Primary competence - Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Board level assembly.

Complementary competence - preparing products for manufacturing, CAM simulations, testing, measuring, and mechanical assembling.


AS "Immer Digital" ir elastīgo iepakojumu ražotne, kas ir vienīgā šāda veida rūpnīca Ziemeļeiropā. «Immer Digital” ražotnē tiek izgatavoti augstas kvalitātes, videi draudzīgi elastīgie iepakojuma materiāli.

LIAA Biznesa inkubators

Biznesa inkubators ir infrastruktūras un personāla apvienojums, kas veidots, lai palīdzētu attīstīties jauniem, dzīvotspējīgiem un konkurētspējīgiem komersantiem. 

Biznesa inkubatora mērķis ir atbalstīt jaunu, dzīvotspējīgu un konkurētspējīgu komersantu izveidi un attīstību, nodrošinot fiziskas personas un komersantus ar uzņēmējdarbības uzsākšanai un attīstībai nepieciešamo vidi, konsultācijām, apmācībām un pasākumiem par vispārīgiem uzņēmējdarbības jautājumiem, mentoru atbalstu un grantu līdzfinansējumu. 

ORAM Mobile Ltd.

Ltd. „ORAM Mobile” develops and provides creative and untraditional solutions, which are based on latest technology, for their clients. The operation of the company is based on individual approach to each client evaluating their wishes, needs and possibilities.

Wasserkabel Baltic JSC

Wasserkabel Baltic is a company with German origins, which is planning to organise manufacturing of first in Latvia and Baltic states, new generation, especially efficient, friendly for environment and human health and long term, heating and air cooling system which is developed in Germany and is widely used in Western Europe and North America. The operation of the system is based on heat rays and absorption principles, using high quality polypropylene made water capillary system, which, by necessity is installed in the ceiling, walls or floor.

Wasserkabel Montage Baltic Ltd.

Wasserkabel Montage Baltic is a company originated in Germany, which offers to project and install water capillary and cooling system.


Zaļo un Viedo Tehnoloģiju Klasteris (turpmāk - ZVTK) ir atbalsts biznesa attīstībai, nodrošinot efektīvu sadarbības tīklu starp komersantiem, izglītības un pētniecības organizācijām un biznesa atbalsta organizācijām. ZVTK nodrošina atbalsta finansējumu  komersantu konkurētspējas celšanai, eksporta apjomu palielināšanai, kvalificēta darbaspēka nodrošināšanai, pētniecībai, kā arī inovāciju un jaunu produktu veidošanai.