Utilizing the existing and emerging satellite technology potential in the region of Nordic and Baltic States

The main aim of the NBS project is to create the necessary conditions for utilizing the existing and emerging potential of the consortium partners in Nordic-Baltic region (specifically in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland) for continuous and sustainable contribution in major on-going and planned European space programmes. NBS has mission-oriented approach to build a bridge for successful integration into space industry in Europe.

The homepage of the project: www.nordicbaltsat.eu

Project’s activities:

  • To identify space potential and create joint technology programme
  • To identify technologies that would be necessary for the European market
  • To build capacity and develop cooperation between emerging space countries and European Space Agency (ESA) (in order to encourage the application of space technologies, provide information and training for businessmen on cooperation possibilities with ESA and partners of the member states, as well as the policymakers)
  • To shape national space governance systems in emerging space countries

Project's partners:
Latvia: Ventspils High Technology Park
Estonia: Enterprise Estonia, Invent Baltics
Lithuaniaa: Kaunas University of Technology
Wasat Sp. z o.o.
France: International Space University
Sweden: SSC Group

European Union 7th Framework Programme

Implementing period:
March, 2010 – February, 2012

Total funding:
Project’s total eligible costs are LVL 487 017 (VHTP’s eligible costs are LVL 44 488)