Energy Saving Advice Across Borders (Energy Advice)

Objective of the project: The objective of the project “Energy Saving Advice Across Borders” (Energy Advice) is based on a goal to create cross-border awareness raising campaigns on Energy saving benefits to promote in-depth understanding of energy saving and energy efficiency issues. The project objective will be achieved by organizing technically creative workshops for Latvian and Estonian primary school pupils (6th-9th grade) and a cross-border educational competition on energy saving.

Improved Results in Innovation Support - transnational exchange and joint development between Innovation Infrastructure (IRIS)

The overall objective of the project:

The IRIS project aims to improve and strengthen management and support capacity of incubators as important Innovation Infrastructures in the Baltic Sea region in order to enhance the incubator performance, which leads to more surviving start-up companies and growing businesses. In this way, IRIS contributes to the development of the Baltic Sea region as a dynamic, innovative and business driven region.

VHTP Business Incubator 2009-2014

Goal of the project:
facilitate the creation and development of new, viable and competitive businesses in Ventspils and municipalities of the regions of Ventspils and Talsi by providing an environment and consultancy services required for business activity.

Development of the Space Technologies and Services Cluster 2012-2015

Objective of the project: to reach the set strategic aims of the Space Technologies and Services Cluster by 2015 including promotion of mutual interests of Cooperation partners, raise competitiveness of the Cluster, increase export volume, as well as promote creation of innovations and new products.

Unified ICT Network for Innovation (ICT DCNet)

The aim of the project is to connect the information and communication technology (ICT) demonstration centres of Tartu, Rīga and Venspils in a network, thus providing wider access to different information and communication technologies and solutions, as well as to synchronize the study program module “Artificial intelligence” in the Riga Technical University and University of Tartu.

BalticSupply – Interregional SME Supply Clusters along the Northeast Corridor

The aim of the project is to provide support of participation in regional and international supply markets more efficiently, and it is aimed at companies operating in the region of the Baltic Sea and Northern Sea. The supported fields are maritime industries, energy and public infrastructure, food and health etc.

Utilizing the existing and emerging satellite technology potential in the region of Nordic and Baltic States

The main aim of the NBS project is to create the necessary conditions for utilizing the existing and emerging potential of the consortium partners in Nordic-Baltic region (specifically in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland) for continuous and sustainable contribution in major on-going and planned European space programmes. NBS has mission-oriented approach to build a bridge for successful integration into space industry in Europe.

Small Innovative Business Promotion Network (SIB Net)

The aim of the project is to offer support for new innovative high growth firms e.g. “gazelles”, and to provide the necessary competence and support for prospective entrepreneurs, which is essential in overcoming the early stage of the initial idea and its implementation. The project will also encourage the collaboration between the academic sector and regional business incubators.