The Kurzeme Democentre in Ventspils begins its operation

Today, on September 26, opening event of an interactive science centre “Kurzeme Democentre” will be held at the Ventspils High Technology Park (the VHTP).

As has already been mentioned, interactive science centres have gained popularity worldwide and they become in their location the top tourism objects and attractive promotion centres to choose educational direction and career.

Kurzeme Democentre is to be open

Tomorrow, on September 26, the Kurzeme Democentre – an interactive science centre fulfilling educational and entertaining function thus becoming one of the attendance objects of Ventspils city inhabitants, guests, and tourists – is to be open at the Ventspils High Technology Park (the VHTP).

The interactive science centres have gained popularity all over the world and in their location they become the TOP tourism objects and attractive agents to promote choice of educational direction

Interview with Chairman of the Board Ivars Eglājs in the 7th anniversary of the VHTP

Today is the 7th anniversary of a foundation Ventspils High Technology Park. Tell me how all this began?

At the end of 2004 I arrived in Ventspils – city which I immediately found very attractive. I understood that here I want to work and stay. This was how the idea about development of electronics and high technologies in Ventspils was born. New alternatives are searched for satellite’s «Venta-1» launch into orbit

Start of an Indian carrier rocket “Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle” (PSLV) by which launch of the first Latvian satellite “Venta-1” and Italian satellite “Maxvalier” into orbit was planned, again is being cancelled on indefinite time. Currently alternative solutions for the satellite’s launch are searched – an agency LETA was informed by development coordinator of the satellite “Venta-1” Dana Reizniece-Ozola.

For the first time Latvia’s first satellite VENTA – 1 is demonstrated to general public

Today, on the 31st of August, the presentation of Latvia’s first satellite Venta–1 took place in Irbene. During the presentation audience could closely examine the satellite Venta-1, get broader concept of its construction process as well as to obtain the latest information about satellite’s development.

Space industry specialists will gather in Ventspils

Current and prospective space industry’s specialists from the USA, Germany and the Baltics, on August 15 to 19 will visit Ventspils to participate in the Satellite Technology Summer School.

Invitation to participate in Satellite Technology Summer School 2011!

The foundation „Ventspils High Technology Park” (hereafter – VHTP) organises the „Satellite Technology Summer School 2011” (hereafter Summer School) August 15 to 19, 2011 in Ventspils and we invite you to participate in it!