Wasserkabel Baltic JSC

Wasserkabel Baltic is a company with German origins, which is planning to organise manufacturing of first in Latvia and Baltic states, new generation, especially efficient, friendly for environment and human health and long term, heating and air cooling system which is developed in Germany and is widely used in Western Europe and North America. The operation of the system is based on heat rays and absorption principles, using high quality polypropylene made water capillary system, which, by necessity is installed in the ceiling, walls or floor.


The company works with construction of metal tanks, reservoirs, containers, metal constructions and their components, as well as research and experimental development in science and engineering.

Natural sciences teachers presented with opportunities to educate students on the Climate change

On the August 21, University of Latvia held the annual Science and Mathematics teachers conference "Science and mathematics in school - effectively and creatively." SIA Aspired also took part in the conference, and presented the natural sciences teachers with opportunities to educate students about the Climate change during the project "Green Mission: Climate" for the 2015/2016 school year. Teachers were invited to apply their schools and students for free participation in the project activities for the next academic year.

Latvian youth will be encouraged to think green

On May 14, 2015, the foundation Ventspils High Technology Park (VHTP), in cooperation with SIA Aspired, will organise a press conference in Ventspils, which will mark the official opening of the project of a national level - Green mission: climate.

Education of youth and teachers about the climate change will be held

On March 30, SRDA signed an agreement with the foundation Ventspils High Technology Park, about the implementation of the project "Green mission: climate". The goal of the project is to promote the understanding and knowledge of youth and education workers about the climate change, using approaches and methods of alternative education, practical works and exhibition of practical works.

VACANCY Accenture Latvia looking for new work colleagues

Accenture Latvia is a world recognised, international, management consultation, technological service and outsourcing service company, which services its clients in 120 countries. The company was founded in 2002. Currently it is the largest IT company in Latvia by the number of employees, providing jobs for more than 550 IT professionals. This is the workplace of SAP (ABAP), Oracle (Siebel), Java, Scala, .net, front-end, Backend (PHP), Ruby, CM, Infrastructure, Digital (C/C++, iOS, Android), testing and other specialists.

Thirteenth gathering of sky watchers or StarParty

In 2009 United Nations (UN) announced International Year of Astronomy, SIA StarSpace in cooperation with Latvian Astronomical Society (LAB) organised the first meeting of sky watchers or StarParty. In the first event, there was a gathering of telescope and other optical device owners and interested people, and mutual watching of sky objects.

February declared month of VHTP's 10 year anniversary

Establishment Ventspils High Technology Park on February 9, this year will celebrate its 10 year anniversary, which makes one to think about the things already accomplished as well as work yet to be done. In this short time period a lot has been accomplished, starting from the green meadow in Pārventam with a couple of reservoirs to be pulled down, to internet router manufacturing in electronics factory, cell phone application programming as well as opening of the first Northern Europe Software Quality Competence Centre.

Kurzeme TV story about VHTP and ICT field in Ventspils

Within the cycle of broadcasts - "Stories of Latvia-Personalities" on January 31st, the viewers had the chance to go on a virtual field trip with the chairman of the board of Ventspils High Technology Park (VHTP) Ivars Eglājs, and to visit information and communication technology companies in Ventspils.

In the broadcast, created by Kurzeme TV, companies such as Ventspils Elektronikas Fabrika, EUROLCDS, Aspired, TestDevLab etc. are included.

db.lv: Hanzas elektronika develops medical and military electronics manufacturing

High and intellectual technology manufacturer - SIA Hanzas elektronika, is trying to diversify not only its clients but also its fields of manufacturing to avoid collapse of a certain field. Currently, the company is developing two new fields - military and medical electronics, it was revealed by Ilmārs Osmanis, board member of Hanzas elektronika, in an interview with agency LETA.

ICT sector development strategy and action plan for 2014 – 2020

At the end of 2014 Ventspils City Council accepted the Ventspils information and communication technology (ICT) sector development strategy and action plan for 2014 – 2020. Various ICT sector stakeholders –Latvian higher education institutions, municipal and ICT support organisations of Ventspils, as well as more than twenty local and international ICT companies, incl.

Association Zero Emission Mobility Support Society

Association Zero Emission Mobility Support Society (AZEMSS) was founded in 2009. AZEMSS aims to promote sustainable, on-site emissions-free transport that would increase mobility. AZEMSS informs the public about advantages and limitations of  electric and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. AZEMSS activity covers different types of transportation, starting from bicycles and buses, to water and air transportation.

On January's Business morning, latest Google solutions for business and social media tendencies in 2015

Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI) Northern Kurzeme (Ventspils) branch on January 29 is inviting Ventspils inhabitants as well as other interested parties to attend a seminar „Business morning”, in which the latest solutions by the web site Google will be discussed, as well as how to use social media in 2015 more efficiently. 

Conference of creative industries and creativity “SUBJECT: CREATIVITY”

On February 20th of this year, for the first time in Liepāja, an international conference of creative industries "SUBJECT: CREATIVITY" will take place. During the conference the stand out representatives of Latvian creative field as well as well-known experts from Northern Europe will share their success stories and positive examples.  

irir.lv: Why does Latvia need to participate in the European Space Agency?

Participation in the European Space Agency (ESA) and cooperation with strong partners would give a big boost to the Latvian economy. An important gain would be an increase of funds for various research, development of science and innovation, which would allow the local scientists and entrepreneurs to stay in Latvia and create new jobs here. However, currently, Latvian participation in the ESA is under serious threat.

Brave ideas support programme 2013

Time of the competition:
02.04.2013-30.04.2013 (including).

Opportunity to meet potential business partners in Germany within the trade fair SMM 2012

Next month from September 4 to 7, in Hamburg, Germany, the international trade fair of shipbuilding and marine technology SMM 2012 is to be held. We are calling enterprises to participate in the trade fair within which the Ventspils High Technology Park offers to organize meetings with potential business partners from Germany, as well as partly cover travel and accommodation expenses for Latvian enterprises (for communication see contact information below the article).

What unites hemp, underwear and firewood? Talsi Business Incubator!

Just like migratory birds return home from warmer land along with the spring also 3 new and perspective enterprises – TRANSHEMP Ltd., Baltic Textile Production Ltd. and Your Baltic Firewood Ltd. – have found a new home in Talsi Business Incubator.

9 cities and towns under one roof

9 cities and towns under one roof – you will say it is not possible and you will be wrong. A conference of the Business Incubator held at the end of March in Liepāja gathered approximately 100 new entrepreneurs from 9 Latvian cities and towns – Ventspils, Talsi, Liepāja, Kuldīga, Saldus, Jelgava, Dobele, Jēkabpils, and Aizkraukle. Traditionally practical lectures on funding attraction questions were carried out within the event, as well as there were presentations of 6 enterprises for experts aimed at taking advices for business development. However this time organizers had thought also about novelties in the run of the event.

Brave Idea Support Programme 2011

Hurry up, closing time of the competition is coming to an end – application deadline is NOVEMBER 1!

The Ventspils High Technology Park, Kurzeme Business Incubator, and SEB banka together implement the competition „Brave Idea Support Programme” giving an opportunity to receive requested financial support and advice for business development to authors of ambitious and creative business ideas.