Space Technologies – Opportunity for Education and Economic Development

The objective of the project is to facilitate the construction of space technologies, to expand the use of space technology related services in Latvia and to provide the necessary human-resources for the development of the industry, thus investing in the development of knowledge-based, high added value economics. The target audiences of the project are the Latvia’s policymakers, non-governmental organizations, companies, the youth and the general society.


Project’s activities:

  • To create an information point in the Ventspils High Technology Park
  • To involve other field’s organisations and to develop suggestions for Latvian Space Strategy
  • To organize activities in order to educate the society and the youth
  • To organize informative and educational activities for Latvian organizations (both business organizations and NGO’s).

Project's partners:
Ventspils High Technology park, Tehnology Development Forum


The project has been implemented with the financial support from the Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway`s EEA grants and within framework of Norway`s governments bilateral grants, and with mediation of Society Integration Foundation, from the state of Latvia.

Implementing period:
February, 2009 – September, 2010

Total funding:
LVL 34 838