SmartRegions – expert support in creating satellite technology centre in Ventspils

The aim of the project is to develop the technical documentation of the satellite engineering production and research infrastructure of the Innovation Centre that will be located in the Ventspils High Technology Park. The project will be implemented in collaboration with external experts from OHB System AG and University of Bremen. The project’s activities will be carried out in Ventspils and Bremen.




Project’s activities:

  • To identify joint directions of satellite technology researches and production in collaboration with German partners
  • To develop organizational model for small satellite manufacturing process in the Ventspils High Technology Park
  • To develop technical specification of satellite technology production unit and research infrastructure, and to incorporate the technical specification of the clean room in the technical project of the VHTP’s Innovation Centre

Project’s partners:
Ventspils High Technology Park in collaboration with experts of OHB System AG and University of Bremen

Norwegian Financial Mechanism

Implementing period:
December, 2008 – June, 2010

Total funding:
LVL 37 645