New building of Science and Technology Museum Kurzeme Demo Centre

Objective of the project: To expand Science and Technology Museum Kurzeme Demo Centre operation by construction a low-energy consumption building, as well as implementing and presenting usage of renewable energy resources and low carbon dioxide (CO2) and low-energy consumption solutions for sustainable buildings to the public.

Activities of the project:

  • Preparation and coordination of the construction project's necessary documentation according to legislation regulating construction
  • Construction of high-quality low-energy consumption building according to the pre-designed construction plan and calculated energy consumption plan.
  • To explain and help to understand energy savings and CO2 emission reductions achieved during the project to the general public.
  • To provide active, comprehensive and permanent publicity of the project's activities and results to target audience and general public alike.

Partners of the project:

Norway: Foundation IDN Research


The European Economic Area Financial Mechanism 2009 -2014 Programme "National Climate Policy"" project application open call "Emission Reduction Technologies Including Renewable Energy, Sustainable Buildings and Technology Development".

Project Implementation Period

April, 2015 - July, 2016 

Total amount of funding of the project:

Total cost of the project is 906 533.90 EUR; co-funding of the program is 815 880.51 EUR, but self-funding is 90 653.39 EUR.


Sandra Rožkalne
Foundation Ventspils High Technology Park
Phone: +371 26831772
Email: sandra [dot] rozkalne [at] vatp [dot] lv


Latest news in project:

27.07.2016 Kurzeme Demo Centre Opening Event  
27.07.2016 The official opening of a low-energy building of Kurzeme Democentre (PHOTO)  
20.07.2016  A journey in the world of energy efficiency
11.02.2016 Building process of Kurzeme Demo Centre in photos
09.11.2015 A new demo centre is being built in Ventspils
30.09.2015 Celebration for the new Kurzeme Demo centre building
01.06.2015 Construction of Kurzeme Demo Centre low energy cost building will begin in June



Sandra Rožkalne
Nodibinājums „Ventspils Augsto tehnoloģiju parks”
Tel: +371 26831772
E-pasts: sandra [dot] rozkalne [at] vatp [dot] lv