Association Zero Emission Mobility Support Society

Association Zero Emission Mobility Support Society (AZEMSS) was founded in 2009. AZEMSS aims to promote sustainable, on-site emissions-free transport that would increase mobility. AZEMSS informs the public about advantages and limitations of  electric and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. AZEMSS activity covers different types of transportation, starting from bicycles and buses, to water and air transportation.

Astrosat R&D Ltd.

The goal of Astrosat R&D, SIA is to provide individual services to clients using the technology available to Astrosat R&D, as well as with the help of Earth observing systems from the collaboration partners: SAR sensors, medium-resolution optical sensors for acquiring information on the surface of the Earth, high-resolution optical sensors for research of specific surface sites, high-precision radars - altimeter systems for the research of sea level for the climate control, radiometers for monitoring the Earth, researching the temperature of the oce

Baltic Open Solutions Centre Ltd.

Baltic Open Solutions Centre (BOSC) was founded in 2007 with development of research software solutions and geographical information systems as the field of specialisation.

Since 2011, the company provides training programmes for geographical information systems with the emphasis on the use of open technologies.

Baltic Scientific Instruments Ltd.

Company’s activity is related with material, component, and optical engineering for space technology.

Baltic Technology Group

BTG Systems, Inc. is and international company which has provided IT services since 1991. The company specialises in AB Suite & EAE (LINC) design providing programming and connected services for clients across the globe.

Baltijas Monitors Pro Ltd.

The company was founded in 2012 taking over the experience of Baltijas monitors, SIA and Monitors, SIA accumulated since 1994.

Business Development Incubator in the Riga Region, general partnership

General partnership Business Development Incubator in the Riga Region was established on 29 April 2009 with the goal to facilitate the formation and development of new small and medium enterprises in the Riga region by providing required environment for business activity as well as consultation services. In order to develop new and successful enterprises which can be financially and economically sustainable.

DPA Ltd.

The aim of the enterprise’s activity is to provide services of IT solutions and software testing, at the same time focusing on provision of research testing services and development and use of new testing methods.

Engineering Research Institute Ventspils International Radio Astronomy Centre of Ventspils University College

The main objective of Ventspils International Radio Astronomy Centre (VIRAC) is to carry out observations of natural and artificial space radio sources, thus collecting data for fundamental and practical research programmes of radio astronomy, astrophysics, cosmology, geophysics, geodynamics, geodesy, coordinate-time service etc.


Ltd. Envirotech is Latvian - Lithuanian joint venture founded in 1998. Company is a market leader of providing geographical information system (GIS) and digital maping services in Latvia. Company provides consulting, after customer’s request designs programmes, and trains ArcGIS users to use integrated GIS systems.

Eventech Ltd.

„Eventech” Ltd was established in December 2011 as a “spin-off” from the Institute of Electronics and Computer Science of Latvia (IECS) with the goal to demonstrate to the rest of the world its unique achievements in this field and develop new applications. „Eventech” Ltd founders and principal shareholders are group of scientists led by Mr. Eugene Buls including Vadim Vedin, Vladimir Bespalko and “FNG Invest” Ltd represented by Nikolai Adamovitch. At present the Company operates in Riga, Latvia and has 6 employees.

ForestOwnersConsultingCenter Ltd.

LLC “ForestOwnersConsultingCenter” (FOCC) is one of the largest forest management companies in Latvia, with more than 11 years of work experience. Our main tasks are providing consultations both for existing and emerging forest owners, as well as helping to find solutions for all questions related to forest management.

Free port of Ventspils authority

The port of Ventspils is an important transit centre. Favourable climate for investments, different privileges for entrepreneurship, clean environment regardless that the port is located in the city, and the energetic attitude from the port professionals are only few of the factors which makes Ventspils a leader in the Baltic Sea region. 

ĢeoDATI Ltd.

SIA "ĢeoDATI" performs establishment and maintenance in municipalities of highly detailed topographic information data base (ADTIDB). The ADTIDB is being made and maintained using Microstation or AutoCAD considering the choice of the customer. For optimisation of this process, data processing module GeoGIS has been automised.

GeoStar Ltd.

Ltd. GeoStar has been founded in 1997 to provide Latvian surveyors with modern and qualitative geodesy instruments. Apart from geodesy instruments, company also provides communication radio-locators, humidity measuring instruments, GPS sensors and other devices.  Company performs construction, maintenance, modification and integration of GPS systems. GeoStar provides warranty maintenance and after-warranty service for sold instruments. It is a service center with necessary equipment and trained personnel.  

HEE Photonic Labs Ltd.

Company performs manufacturing of optical components for the telescopes and satellite laser ranging devices. Ltd. HEE Photonic Labs owns patented optical system with the help of which optical beam can be focused and directed in a far distance, therefore it could be used in optical telecommunication systems, where great amounts of information are transmitted in far distances.

Inovatīvo tehnoloģiju centrs Ltd.

The company is active in carrying out research and experimental output in natural sciences and engineering sciences as well as in biotechnology and social, and humanitarian sciences.

Institute for Environmental Solutions, foundation

Institute for Environmental Solutions (IES) is a modern research organization whose goal is to advance airborne remote sensing science for wise management of natural resources and environment.

Institute of Electronics and Computer Science, State Scientific Institute - Derived public person

Created in 1960 as a part of the Latvian Academy of Science, IECS is a state research institute dedicated to fundamental and applied research in computer science, information, communication, electronic technologies and device construction, related to a priority direction in the scientific research of Latvia for the years 2010-2013 "Innovative Materials and Technologies” (section of Information and Signal Processing Technologies). Institute performs modelling, designing and manufacturing of precise time measurement devices.

Institute of Physics of University of Latvia

The fields of operation include research on liquid metal magnetohydrodynamics (MHD), characteristics and application of ferrofluids and development of production technologies.  The institute develops and produces different devices and tools: pumps, heat exchangers, flowmeters.

IT Observer Ltd.

IT Observer, Ltd was established in 2011 starting its main project Novero.LV. The IT Observer (or ITO in short)  is specializing in real time safety, monitoring and automation solutions for individuals and B2B solutions using the Global Navigation Satellite System data. The ITO also provides IT consulting and testing services for both software and hardware.

Jāņa Sēta Map publishers Ltd.

 Company is a map market leader in the Baltic states. Jana seta Map publishers design maps and offer wide range of services, starting with original ideas and qualitative polygraphic solutions, as well as services in GIS and programming. Starting from 1992 the company has been participating in the Frankfurt book fair, as well as in different international competitions, receiving acknowledgements and also top awards.

JIC Business incubator, Ltd.

Business incubator that operates in the area of Jelgava, Dobele, Jēkabpils and Aizkraukle and provides the following services:

Land Surveying Data Centre Ltd.

Company services land surveying companies and sums up the topographical surveys and executive measurements of utilities these surveyors have made. Company also services architects - territory planners and sums up information on land-utilization system projects and detail planning, as well as maintain street and road red line maps.

Latvia State Radio and Television Centre, State Joint-Stock Company

The State Joint-Stock Company Latvia State Radio and Television Centre (LVRTC) is one of the leading providers of electronic communication services in Latvia, ensuring high-quality and safe telecommunications solutions to all major mobile communications, internet and telecommunications operators in Latvia as well as state institutions.

Latvian State Institute of Wood Chemistry Laboratory of Polymers, derived public person

Latvian State Institute of Wood Chemistry (IWC), the main centre of wood science in Latvia, founded in 1946. The mission of the IWC is the development of scientifically grounded, environmentally friendly, waste less technologies for obtaining of competitive materials and products from wood and wood biomass.

Lejaslīves Ltd.

Lejaslīves, SIA introduces with the only Trimble VX Spatial station in Latvia which is a scanner and high-resolution photo camera in one.

Now it is possible to take precise images of the building facades, make drawings, display buildings on Google Earth as spatial objects or create a virtual video tour around the buildings in a short period of time. The development and approval of projects and decision making is more simpler, faster and more diverse.


Joint stock company Neomat manufactures nanopowders that can be used in aviation and space technology. Neomat´s personnel have published over 50 papers in scientific journals and have taken part in a numerous international conferences.

Plazma, Keramika, Tehnoloģija Ltd.

Plasma & Ceramic Technologies, SIA was founded in 1994. Main fields of operation of the company are production of nanopowders and scientific work in the development of new technologies. All of the company's staff has a long-term experience with nano-technologies and extraction of nanopowder. The company produces ceramic powder nanopowders which is used in manufacturing the ceramic parts for space technologies. Nanopowders can be applied in:

RD ALFA Microelectronics department JSC

RD ALFA Microelectronics develops and manufactures certified high reliability and radiation hardened microelectronics components for aеrоspace and defense equipment as well as video transmission/CCTV components.

The company is the legal successor of the Riga Institute of Micro-devices combined with the manufacturing resource known as Invertor. Both were part of ALFA, the famous Eastern European micro-electronic group. Between 1960 and 1985 ALFA was the East European leader in Analog and Analog-Digital micro-electronics.

Riga Technical University

Riga Technical University is the centre of not only fundamental but also applied research with a strong scientific potential.

RTU offers new, innovative ideas for businesses, competent solutions, expert reports and consultations in different spheres.

Senso Tech Ltd.

Ltd. Senso Tech produces baby monitoring devices. B-phone is a baby monitoring device that detects sound or movement and notifies up to three predefined phone numbers, it can operate in a GSM network just by inserting a SIM card in the B-phone device. B-phone is a qualitative device that can replace traditional baby surveillance devices.

Technology Development Forum, society

The aim of this society is to encourage implementation of innovations and development of high technologies in spheres with high added value. Members of the society Technology Development Forum are both legal entities (Latvian Academy of Sciences (LAS), Ventspils University College, LAS Institute of Physical Power Engineering, The Institute of Mathematics and Computer Science University of Latvia, Jelgava city council etc.) and physical entities that have joined together to promote the growth of knowledge-full economy in Latvia.

ThermCert LV Ltd.

ThermCert LV, Ltd. develops advanced technologies and services in order to provide solutions to the clients on determining the influence on environment/climate and to monitor it for a long period of time. It also includes the emission reduction resulting from heating and CO2 or schemes of its optimization, infrastructure solutions for winter, ventilation and renewable energy technologies.


The main fields of operation of TOPO DATI are:

  • Engineering and technical consultations related to it.
  • Technical checks and analysis.


Topoprojekts, SIA was registered in the Enterprise Register of the Republic of Latvia on 3 April 2007.

University of Latvia

University of Latvia (UL) is an institution of academic and professional education and science in the Republic of Latvia which integrates and develops potential in studies and scientific research in natural, technical, humanitarian and social sciences. The aim of UL is to ensure the opportunity to acquire academic and professional higher education, carry out fundamental and applied research in humanitarian, natural, technical and social sciences.

University of Latvia Institute of Solid State Physics

Activity in space technology sphere that is related to sub-sectors of electromagnetics, fluid’s dynamic materials and components engineering, component supply and special equipment engineering. Institute has developed new electromagnetic pumps for liquid metals. A project on developing magneto-hydrodinamics convector for converting the Solar energy more effectively in space is beeing implemented.

Valmieras stikla šķiedra JSC

Company manufactures technical and textured glass fibre fabrics, high SiO2 content glass fibre fabrics, as well as glass fibre mats and yarns. Does not manufacture final products of space technology, but the materials manufactured by the company are further used in different space technology material and component engineering, including electric, system capacity, software, specialized and space station equipment engineering, and also in such space technology engineering sub-sectors as civil engineering, provision of components, robotics and machinery, space environment and designing.

Ventspils High Technology Park, foundation

Technology Park (TP) provides territory, premises and services for high technology companies and organizations, which expand their business or start a new activity in the city of Ventspils. Activities of TP are based on design and building of qualitative industrial and office buildings, engineering communications and access roads, as well as ensuring public and communication services. Technology Park organizes events that would promote the growth of high technology spheres, including information technology, telecommunication, electronics, mechanical engineering, industrial automation, computer-aided design and space technology.

Vidzeme Business Innovation Centre, association

Z(in)oo is an inspiring partner in learning process which triggers interest to ask questions, search for answers, understand them and enjoy the discovering process.

Vidzemes mērnieks Ltd.

Vidzemes mērnieks, SIA was established on 23 February 2004. On 11 May 2004, the company was admitted to Latvian Cartographer and Geodesist Association. There are highly qualified employers working in the company that work in the sphere of land surveying who improve their knowledge constantly. 

VVBII Ltd., Operator of Valmiera Business and Innovation Incubator

Valmiera Business and Innovation Incubator provides more than 20 different services and consultations helping companies solve their problems and find opportunities for development by providing professional help and consultations in the following fields: