Education and science in Ventspils

According to the number of population, Ventspils is the sixth largest city in Latvia. In accordance with statistical data, more than 48 thousand people in Ventspils study or are employed, so they stay in the city permanently.

There are nine comprehensive schools and an evening school in Ventspils. Vocational education can be acquired at Ventspils Vocational secondary school. There are several higher education institutions in Ventspils, namely, Ventspils University College, branch office of Riga Technical University in Ventspils, branch office of Riga Teacher Training and Educational Management Academy in Ventspils, branch office of College of Law in Ventspils, and the branch office of Baltic International Academy in Ventspils.

But Engineering Research Centre Ventspils International Radio Astronomy Centre performs its activity in Ventspils University College. Its activity in Ventspils also has started Latvian Electronic and Optical Equipment Manufacturing Competency Centre Leo Pētījumu Centrs.