Development of the Space Technologies and Services Cluster 2012-2015

Project aim: reach strategic aims of the Space Technologies and Services Cluster by 2015 including promotion of mutual interests of cooperation partners, raise competitiveness of the cluster, increase export volume, as well as promote creation of innovations and new products.

Home page of the project: Space Technologies Cluster

Project activities:

  • Coordination of measures implemented within the cluster
  • Cooperation with business incubators
  • Provision of human resources to develop the sector
  • Support to Latvia’s membership in the ESA
  • Membership in an EU Framework Programme a.o. space order programmes of the public sector
  • Involvement into international supply chains of the private sector
  • Planning and development of new use and services in fields of positioning, global monitoring for environment and security (GMES), and satellite telecommunications
  • Competence growth in strategically important technology fields and other perspective and rapidly growing space technology segments


Project partners:
Project is being implemented by the Ventspils High Technology Park in cooperation with cluster’s members.

Operational programme „Entrepreneurship and Innovations”
Priority „Entrepreneurship Activities and Raising Competitiveness”
Measure „Entrepreneurship Infrastructure and Equipment Improvement”
Activity „Cluster Programme”

The project has been funded by the European Regional Development Fund

Project number: KAP/
Contract number: L-KAP-12-0006

Implementation period of the project:
April 2, 2012 to April 2, 2015

Total funding of the project:
LVL 344,599