Development of Regional strategy on reduction of green-house gas emissions


Full project title:

Study "Regional strategy on reduction of green-house gas emissions from buildings in largest cities in Kurzeme Planning region, using satellite imaging and state-of-the-art thermal auditing technologies "

The project task is to analyze energy efficiency of building in the five largest municipalities of Kurzeme - Kuldīga, Saldus, Talsi, Liepāja and Ventspils, through collecting real data on structural content of buildings, energy audits carried on them before and after renovation, and integrate those data in a newly developed thermal interactive tool -  eeĢ

The main aim of the project was drafting a strategic view on potential activities of Kurzeme region municipalities, by analyzing a wide range of information on the buildings, on global and European trends of energy efficiency of buildings, compiling the existing regulatory framework in Latvia and European Union, as well as describing the real-life results of use of EU public funding and progress of building insulation, and supplementing all this information with eeĢ tool for providing a visual overview.

The overall objective of the project – preparation of planning document with regards to the EU 20-20-20 completion in Latvia; particularly Kurzeme planning region.

Direct objective of the project - to develop a strategy for 5 largest municipalities in Kurzeme Region, in order to increase knowledge, capacity, and ability to use cost-effective initial energy audit types by using satellite data and the latest thermal auditing technology so to:

- accurately identify heat loss in buildings owned by the municipality, significantly increasing the number of buildings evaluated and coverage;
- better planning with regards to the use of the municipal budget and the available investments, as well as
- monitor the efficiency of thermal insulation improvement measures.

Activities of the project:

  1. Project management
  2. Development of satellite data cards and data analysis
  3. Development of regional level strategy
  4. Publicity

Partners of the project:

Latvia: Ventspils University College
Norway: Foundation IDN Research


European Economic Area Financial Mechanism 2009-2014 Programme "National Climate Policy" Small Grant Scheme open tender "Capacity Building in the Field of Research and Measures for Enhancing Society’s Understanding about Climate Change and its Consequences" Project No. 2/EEZLV02/14/GS/058

Project Implementation Period

From April, 2015 until October, 2016

Total amount of the project funding

Total cost of the project is 149 657 EUR; co-funding of the program is 131 718 EUR, but self-funding is 17 939 EUR.


Salvis Roga
Foundation Ventspils High Technology Park
Phone: +371 28663400
Email: salvis [dot] roga [at] vatp [dot] lv