Cooperation between Ventspils and Tartu in Space Technology Research and Training

The objective of the project is to improve the quality of education for specialists engaged in the space technologies, as well as to improve scientific and business capacity through cooperation of scientific organizations, higher educational establishments, as well as business promotion organisations in the region of Kurzeme (Latvia) and the region of South Estonia (Estonia). Another aim of the project is to ensure stable long-term cooperation among space technology organisations in Ventspils and Tartu.


Project’s activities:

  • To plan and start cooperation in student education, mutual mobility of scientists and development of joint scientific and business projects
  • To ensure that students, researchers and entrepreneurs from Tartu and Ventspils have access to the existing and future space technology infrastructure in both regions
  • To develop and implement a new joint project – research and development activities in AIS satellite construction, by attracting Estonian specialists to the AIS satellite construction project started in Ventspils, as well as by identifying common projects for the future cooperation in small satellite construction in the Baltic States.

Project's partners:
Latvia: Ventspils High Technology Park, Ventspils University College 
Estonia: University of Tartu, Observatory of Tartu

Norwegian Financial Mechanism

Implementing period:
August, 2009 – December, 2010

Total funding:
Project’s total eligible costs are LVL 211 25