Consulting services offered by VHTP

Consulting services offered by VHTP

Establishment Ventspils High Technology Park offers to Latvian and European companies a wide range of services that provide faster and much more successful growth of the company. One of the types of such services is business consultations to answer various questions related on how to develop a company and how to attract additional business funding. You can familiarise yourself with the services offered by our consulting company below.

The team of Ventspils High Technology Park consists of professionals with years of experience and competence in such areas as project management, attracting of various business support tools, public relations, marketing, logistics, etc.


1. Business management consultations – preparing a business plan, bookkeeping, support tools, legal services

2. Attracting public funding – EU funding, EU projects, EU grants, seed capital and other financial instruments

3. Attracting private funding - venture capital funds, cooperation with investors

4. Local and international marketing service

  • Organising B2B meetings for entrepreneurs
  • Consultations about the participation in program "Acquisition of external markets – external marketing," and on how to prepare applications to receive these funds
  • Organising experience visits (USA, Europe)
  • Export promotion

5. Headhunting – includes preparation of a vacancy ad, distribution, and selection of the staff (contact interviews, phone interviews, tests, etc.)

6. Technology / technological consultations, as well as development of new technology and innovative products - prototyping, certification, testing patenting

7. Deployment of company IT systems

8. Entrepreneur training – we specialize in organising various topical seminars, that are directed at educating entrepreneurs, creating contacts and developing professional skills

9. Other services – mentoring, support from experts and high level management, and events for promoting knowledge, etc.






For additional information, please, contact the professionals of VHTP.