BalticSupply – Interregional SME Supply Clusters along the Northeast Corridor

The aim of the project is to provide support of participation in regional and international supply markets more efficiently, and it is aimed at companies operating in the region of the Baltic Sea and Northern Sea. The supported fields are maritime industries, energy and public infrastructure, food and health etc.

Homepage of the project:

Project’s activities:

  • Analysis of Baltic Sea region and supply markets
  • Establishment of three virtual cluster portals with a “Company Register” function and free access
  • Establishment of a shared regional platform that would improve the opportunities to participate in tenders, including European tenders

Project's partners:
Latvia: Ventspils High Technology Park  , Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, University of Latvia Centre for European and Transition Studies
Estonia: The Centre for Development Programmes EMI-ECO
Lietuva: College of Social Sciences, Enterprise Lithuania, Klaipada Science and Technology Park
Poland: Regional Pomeranian Chamber of Commerce
Germany: Senator for Economic Affairs and Ports, Hanseatic Parlament, WFB Economic Develompent Bremen GmbH
Denmark: Business Kolding, South Denmark European Office
Finland: Baltic Institute of Finland, Turku Chamber of Commerce
Sweden: SSPA Sweden AB

Baltic Sea Region Programme 2007-2013

Implementing period:
December, 2009 – December, 2012

Total funding:
LVL 2.5 million (VHTP funding LVL 128 702)